Lynn LeMaster, Broker

MA, Economics, Duke University
BS, Mathematics, Clemson University
Real Estate Broker licensed in Florida
7 years statistical analysis and reporting
19 years sales and marketing experience
Native Floridian

Lynn on Celebration:

We fell in love with Celebration on our first visit and decided to make it our home. We discovered that the town offers everything we hoped for and more. We simply loved living in Celebration! The residents and business owners are so friendly and really care. Each day we were reminded of the sheer beauty of the place and often smiled just because we knew how lucky we were to live in this community.

Our daughter and son both attended Celebration School, our public K-8 school in town, and Celebration High School. Before starting Celebration School in Kindergarten, they both attended our local Montessori school. They have taken drama, voice and dance lessons locally and have played on local soccer and little league teams. They both enjoyed participating in theatrical performances with The Celebration Players

We are a family of Disney fans who had annual park passes and membership in Tables in Wonderland. We also enjoyed Universal Studios and Sea World annual passes. At least once a week, we would get to "the parks" if our busy schedules allowed. After 14 years of living in Celebration, we decided to follow our children to California where they attend college. Our Celebration company, knowledge and connections remain intact.

Our goal is to find that perfect home for our customers, which means it meets all their criteria for location, size and price, and more importantly, it feels "right." We strive to negotiate the best possible price and terms for every contract and to ensure that our customers' needs are met all the way up to closing, and afterward.


"I met Lynn 3-4 years before I actually gave her my listing. When I initially met Lynn, he knowledge of the local market was outstanding. With the recession, it was not the right time to list my home to sell. I asked Lynn to keep in touch with prices and trends. This went on for 5 years with monthly updates and Lynn never pressured me to list. When my property value increased to what I was looking for, Lynn reached out and helped me get the property ready for sale. Lynn worked with the other local brokers that my sought after Town Home with a detached Garage Apt was coming to market. When the listing went live, we had 3 solid offers in only 2 days within 1% of my list price and Lynn was fantastic throughout the process. Lynn is wonderful to work with, and will help you make the property look fantastic, and very professional. A real star! :)." - JH

"We had the good fortune to contact Lynn LeMaster before arriving in Celebration for the winter last year. This gave her a chance to line up some appropriate homes for our consideration. After being part time residents for thirteen years, we had decided to move to Florida. She listened carefully to our lists of wants and needs and presented appropriate options during our viewing process.

"During this past year, we purchased a home and sold a condo with her professional and knowledgeable help. She has a wonderful timely communication style with community and service personnel that moved all of our steps quickly whether it was in the buying or selling process.

"One of Lynn's greatest assets, beside her positive personality, is that she and her family have been residents of Celebration for many years. Whether you need a reference for moving or remodeling, she has a timely list of local options with many personal experiences that she is willing to share.

"We have owned over a dozen homes in our lifetime; but, our experience with Lynn LeMaster not only resulted a wonderful home but a good friend." - WL

"I can’t believe how lucky I was to find Lynn! She is the consummate professional, a fount of knowledge and a complete joy to work with.

"Upon first interview, I knew she was “the one” to sell my house. I took her on a tour, showed her around and gave her my “spiel” on the house and the renovations that had taken place. When she wrote up the description for the listing, it was as if I had written it myself — only better! The details she had garnered through our one meeting were extremely concise and spot-on.

"I’ve never seen another selling agent whose own personal approach consists of being at each and every showing of the property, no matter what agent was bringing clients in to see it. Lynn felt it her duty to show the house each time and to give the tour herself which I found to be unexpectedly brilliant. No lock-boxes required! If she couldn’t make it, then one of her team did. It’s one of the many distinct and unique touches that set her apart from all the others. Working with Lynn was like working with the world’s best concierge.

"But the proof is in the pudding, so they say, and Lynn sold my house for the exact price I wanted in just over a week. I was, frankly, amazed and delighted at watching her work.

"I couldn’t be happier with the entire experience, start to finish. I highly recommend Lynn and her team. " - MF

"If you are looking for a real estate agent in Celebration, there is no other Real Estate agent to choose other than Lynn LeMaster, she is an expert on Celebration real estate and will help you sell or buy the perfect home. Every need is attended to during the buying or selling process and her communication is immediate and expert. Look no further, call Lynn." - DS

"I just wanted you to know how pleased I am for having met you. You have truly become a friend! You have consistently gone above and beyond your duties of a REALTOR and I am very grateful. You have always been there for us!" - TS

"My husband and I have used the realtor services of Lynn and Tim LeMaster for both the purchase of our home in Celebration in 2009 and our recent sale of that house in 2012, and we highly recommend them as real estate agents for both buyers and sellers.

"When we decided to sell our home in Celebration several months ago, we received gloomy predictions from our neighbors who claimed that it might take us as much as a year to sell our home in the current housing market. Instead, with the help of Lynn and Tim we received an offer that led to a final sale within three weeks of listing our home.

"While purchasing a home is a major decision, leading to a great many questions and concerns which Lynn is especially helpful in answering, in our opinion, selling a home is a much more stressful proposition, because there is a huge amount of time, effort and expense involved in readying a home for the market.

"Lynn skillfully and cheerfully guided us through that entire, daunting process from start to finish. She did an extensive, initial walkthrough of the house and grounds with me, and together we made a detailed list of any necessary repairs and cosmetic changes that would help our home show to its best advantage to speed its sale. After the repairs were completed, Lynn and Tim also assisted me in “staging” our home for sale by providing plants and attractive outdoor furniture for our front porch and helping us move furniture and hang pictures inside the house to make the interior present well. Lynn also recommended reasonably priced, respectable contractors for repairs and house cleaning, and assisted us in dealing with various rules and requirements of the Celebration homeowners association.

"In her work as a real estate agent, Lynn makes full use of all modern communication methods, including cell phone voice mail and texting and email, and she responded promptly to every phone and electronic contact we initiated with her. Lynn is readily and conveniently accessible during not only regular business hours but evenings and weekends as well.

"In addition to all that, Lynn also provided to us the old-fashioned courtesy of in-person visits by her and Tim to our home to offer many different kinds of service to us that no other realtor we’ve ever known provided. Examples of these services include consulting with us as to the best means to proceed in dealing with needed repairs to the adjoining neighbor’s fence, watching over our property as if it were their own when we were out of town on vacation for a week, dropping by once a week to water the plants they had provided to stage our front porch, and even going so far as to keep the mail box free of unsightly bird debris.

"Perhaps the most thoughtful and generous service of all was this: when it was discovered that there were unexpected small repairs that turned up on the buyer-requested, formal inspection of our property which Lynn and I and the renovation contractors had not previously noticed, Lynn graciously offered to not only arrange herself for the repairs to be done, but she paid for them out of her own pocket in order to make our lives simpler and streamline the closing process for us.

"In short, Lynn and Tim are not only highly competent professionals who carefully look out for the financial interests of their clients, they are compassionately sensitive to the stresses endured by buyers when selling their home and do everything in their considerable ability to alleviate that stress. More than any realtors I have ever dealt with, Lynn and Tim go the extra mile in client service, and we are very grateful for all they did for us.

"We recommend Lynn and Tim without reservation to potential home buyers and sellers, and we are willing to confirm our recommendation with potential clients by phone or email if so desired." - KM

"Ten years ago, I contacted Lynn from 3K miles away. She helped me find a temporary rental unit, met me and showed me Celebration when I traveled round trip from San Francisco to Celebration and back in 24 hours, worked with me to find the perfect house, and stood by me while it was built. Five years later, when I was ready to downsize, Lynn sold it for me in less than 24 hours for full asking price and a nice profit (after the bubble popped!), and helped me find my next perfect home in Celebration. In the meantime she sold my in-laws' Celebration condo in record time in the same difficult market, and also quickly sold a condo for me in a nearby neighbborhood." ~ LB

"As I sit on my front porch swing drinking ice tea enjoying my wonderful home and view, I thought I should write you a long overdue note of thanks. I have had the good fortune to work with several outstanding realtors in my life, having purchased 4 homes and sold three, but you and Sunshine Living Realty are simply over the top!"

"We have worked together for years now as both a seller and buyer, but far more than that, you guided us through a sale after the bubble burst, and through finding a new home while my own career uncertainty played out, and the economy forced my entire office to close. You were there with me through some truly unsettling financial times."

"You also faced the unenviable challenge of finding a beautiful new home for us, with a fantastic view, for a phenomenal price, for a couple with very different tastes, who were incredibly picky, and you just would not give up! I’m tenacious myself, but I think even I would have thrown in the towel on us as you poured weeks and months of research and scouting of your time into a culmination for us of simple fun chauffeured Saturday afternoon tours."

"What’s more, your exemplary service doesn’t stop there – after finding us the perfect home, you proved exceptional in aiding both the negotiation and the final contract. You’re a very savvy businesswoman, and should the time ever come for us to move again, there is simply no one else I would ever turn to."

"Again, my sincere thanks Lynn – I’m very glad you came along." ~ RF

"PS: You make the best cupcakes!

"We are very satisfied with the sale of 461 Water Street. You have a lot of "stick to it" and this I admire and appreciate." ~ JB

"My husband and I recently purchased a single-family home here in Celebration. Our agent was Lynn LeMaster, and we were extremely impressed with her efforts on our behalf as a buyer's agent. We started looking for a home in Celebration in June of this year--after having hoped and dreamed of living here since 2004. From our very first contact with Lynn, we discovered that she listens carefully to everything her clients say. She noted everything we wanted in a house and made really great suggestions as to specific ways to meet those needs in Celebration. As a result, she was instrumental in helping us to settle on a particular size and style of house that we fell in love with--and helped us find that house in a great location at a great price. In addition, she was very patient and extremely informative in replying to our, literally, hundreds of questions throughout the process of buying our home. She willingly, and with great efficiency and speed, responded to every email and phone call, providing a wealth of information about the process of home buying in Florida in general and Celebration in specific. In addition to being a highly skilled real estate professional who works very hard for her clients, Lynn is a warm, outgoing person who is considerate, thoughtful and responsive. In short, she did more for us, and did it far better, than any real estate agent I've ever used in my life, and I've been fortunate to have had some really good ones over the years. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to purchase, or sell, a home in Celebration. She deals exclusively with Celebration and has been here for over a decade." ~ CM

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