When you purchase a single family home, do you own the land or is it a 99 year lease?
You own the land - Fee Simple Deed.
Does Celebration have a pool?
There are four major parks and pools in Celebration and an indoor pool in the Celebration Health Center. The pool at Lakeside Park in Celebration Village is heated and open year round. Electronic pool passes are obtained by bringing your proof of residency to Town Hall (located in downtown Celebration). There are also many small parks with benches and fountains throughout Celebration, for everyone to enjoy. Artisan Park has a private pool.
How much is the Homeowner’s Association Fee and what does it cover?
For the calendar year 2016, the HOA Fee is $911.40/yr for home owners and condominium owners. This fee includes pools, tennis, playgrounds, and common areas landscaping. Single family-home owners also pay an annual trash fee of $287.99. For condominium owners, there is no additional charge for trash and recycling, since these services are covered in monthly condo fees. Residents may use any of the facilities in town. You are not limited to the amenities in your “Village”.
How much are the Annual Property Taxes in Celebration?
Property taxes are based on a calendar year, and are due by March 31st the following year. You may receive a discount for paying your taxes before the due date. Bills are distributed in November each year. Our millage rate for 2015 was 15.9029 for Ad Valorem taxes in Osceola County. This is multiplied by the assessed value of each property minus eligible exemptions. Please keep in mind that properties are typically re-assessed after a change in ownership or property improvements. In addition, all Celebration properties pay a Non-Ad Valorem Annual Assessment for Celebration CDD fees. Click here to view the CDD fees for each home type/location. For more information and tax-related links, go to
How much does it cost to join the Celebration Golf Club?
The golf course is public, with daily fees. Celebration residents may receive discounts, especially in the slower seasons. Call 407-566-GOLF for information.
Can you have pets?
Yes, Celebration follows the same rules as Osceola county. If you would like to live in one of our condo complexes, each condo association sets their own rules regarding pets. Here are the 2011 rules at several Celebration complexes. At Siena, the maximum combined weight of all your pets is 70 pounds. Also, no aggressive breeds are allowed. At Georgetown, you can have up to 2 pets with a maximum weight of 50 pounds each. At WaterStreet, 2 pets are allowed with no weight limit but no aggressive breeds or aggressive mixed breeds are allowed. Aggressive breed examples are rottweiler and pit bull. At Town Center, a maximum of 2 animals are allowed with a combined weight of 30 pounds. At Terraces of Celebration, you must have prior written approval by the condo association before a pet is allowed on the property. This association specifically excludes pit bulls. Even if the association does not require it, we recommend that all Buyers/Tenants/Owners get prior written approval by the condo association for their specific pets.
Do you have to get approval for landscaping?
If you are replacing a dead plant with one of the same species and size, then that is considered routine maintenance; but if you are replacing it with a different type of plant, that is a change which requires approval. Minor changes are “streamline” approved so there’s minimal delay and no need to attend the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) meeting. If you are doing a major landscape design change, you will need approval from the ARC, which meets regularly in Celebration. Applications for all types of exterior changes to your property can be obtained from Celebration Town Hall.
Do you maintain your own yard?
Yes, or you can hire a service to maintain your yard. If you live in a condominium “Terrace home”, or an attached “Bungalow” or Townhome, the landscaping is maintained by that association. Monthly assessments range from about $150 to $700. These assessments include landscaping and all exterior repair and maintenance, including paint and roof.
Where are all the garages?
Many of the home's one- to four-car garages with driveways are behind the houses, accessed by alleys.
Can you park extra cars in the street?
Yes, two cars per home are allowed on the street.
How many residents are in Celebration?
There are over 9,000 residents living in approximately 4,060 homes and condominiums.
Summer, 1996 - First residents arrived
November, 1996 - Town Center opened
August, 1997 - Celebration School opened
November, 1997 - Celebration Health opened
August 2001, - Stetson University Center opened
August 2003 - Celebration High School opened
Fall 2005 - Water Tower Place shopping center opened
Summer 2011 - Celebration celebrates its 15th anniversary
Are residents of Celebration guaranteed a spot at Celebration School?
Celebration School, the public K-8 Osceola County school located in downtown Celebration, was well planned to accomodate the increasing residency. They have never had to turn away a Celebration resident or add a portable classroom to the school property. In August 2003, the new Celebration High School opened near the intersection of World Drive and Celebration Blvd. for grades 9-12. If you would like to see photos of our local schools, visit our "Around the Town" Photo Tour. There is a section devoted to schools. Also, we have contact information and web links for the schools in our "Town Directory" section.
Where is the nearest grocery store?
There are two nearby Publix Supermarkets, one near the front entrance of Celebration on Hwy. 1-92 and one near the back entrance at the Champions Gate exit on I-4.
Do you get free Disney park passes with the purchase of a home in Celebration?
No, unfortunately! However, as soon as you have established Florida residency, you can take advantage of the many discount opportunities for Florida residents at the amusement parks and restaurants.
Where can I find information and forms to get started when I move to Celebration?
Check out this New Resident Info Pack, and this Home Inspection Checklist!
How do I contact a specific condominium association?
The contact information for the various condominium associations are as follows:
    Artisan Club, 407-566-4752, John Calvert
    Carlyle Residences, 863-256-5052 x226, David Burman
    Carlyle Residences South, 352-243-4595 x218, Erica Diaz
    Georgetown at Celebration, 321-939-0719, or after hours: 407-992-7465, Anneke McCulloch
    Meliá Orlando Suite Hotel at Celebration, 407-964-7150, or after hours: 407-922-9619, Jetse Pottinga
    Mirasol at Celebration, 407-566-0551, India Mitchel
    Siena at Celebration, 321-939-2306, Jose Ruiz
    Spring Park Terraces, 863-256-5052 x227, Gigi Farrell
    The Terraces at Celebration, 321-316-7915 or after hours: 407-455-5950, Timothy Swisher
    Terraces at East Village, 407-846-6323 x725 or after hours: 800-932-6636, Xiomara Raba
    Town Center, 321-939-3289 or after hours: 407-455-5950, Lonnie Vanderwef
    Waterstreet at Celebration, 321-939-2021 or after hours: 800-514-5770, Alan Ramsay
What are the covenants and rules for homeowners?
The Community Charter and amendments are as follows:
Supplements to the Charter for Service Areas and Condominiums:
What are the various rules for condominium owners?
We are in the process of collecting the various condominium documents for you, below. Please note that while we make every attempt to keep them current in order to satisfy most of the Florida requirements for disclosure, there may be updates or amendments that are not included.

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